Hi, I'm Johanna, a 3 dimensional person and I look like this.

Johanna pic.jpg

Once upon a time I lived in an English town called Reading, just west of London. I had a job I loved and a beautiful Victorian terrace house but I was restless and discontented. I dreamt of a totally different life, one where I was completely free and exploring the world. The Universe gave me a kick up the backside and off I went! Within the space of two months I left everything and jumped on a plane to Bangkok. I then sat shaking in South East Asia in July 2013, not having embraced my new life but having left my old one behind.

Over the following year I went on an incredible journey around the world. I travelled through South East Asia, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, South Africa, Central and South America. I blog every step of my adventures on VisionsofJohanna.org, the good, the bad and the dangerous!

What a bloody privilege! Because travel is the greatest privilege of all...

I walked The Inca Trail, reaching Macchu Pichu; dived with Tiger sharks in South Africa and Carribean Reef sharks in Belize’s Blue Hole; stared face to face with a Great White Shark; jumped off tall things in New Zealand; hanglided across Abel Tasman; reached Everest Base Camp; hung out with South Africa’s Xhosa people, Australia’s Aboriginal community, New Zealand’s Maoris, Lake Titicaca’s oldest community & Tibetan Monks; mountain biked Bolivia’s Death Road; did fire limbo in Thailand; A Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan; kayaked in Halong Bay; surfed in Bali, Jeffrey’s Bay South Africa, Raglan New Zealand, The Great Ocean Road Australia; volcano trekked across Java, starved myself and shit myself at a detox centre in Phuket; sailed the Whitsundays; fed crocs in Australia’s Northern Territory; Salsa danced in Guatemala; did a toboggan run down the Great Wall of China; rock climbed and abseiled down waterfalls in Bolivia & Costa Rica, saw elephants, lions, kangaroos, parrots, crocodiles, koalas, caiman, monkeys, zebra, tarantulas, toucans, orang-utans, Komodo dragons and piranhas in the wild.

I found true happiness and contentment and here comes the cliche... I found myself!

I landed back in the UK a much happier version of the girl I'd left behind. But I learned that I need freedom, light, sunshine and sea to sustain this happiness. Within two months I was whisked away to Barcelona for a job that found me. For the following eight months I worked in fashion in a global role in the most fantastic city. But something wasn't right. I dreamt of all the people, the communities and the freedom I'd found on the road. I wasn't ready to settle and I wanted to put my heart and soul into supporting projects I believe in.

Next stop, Costa Rica and Nicaragua where I worked as Communications Officer and Photographer for a sustainable development NGO. As this project neared the end I was ready to hit the world running and travel down through Panama, Colombia and Ecuador - spreading a little social media love. The universe had other ideas as in a five minute incident my future dramatically changed. My bag was snatched and my tools were gone.

Sad and a little lost I returned to the UK, to earn and replace my tools. Leading a global social and content team for one of my favourite travel brands was a pretty decent pitstop. But... Cambodia was calling and I spent a Summer doing my social media thing whilst traversing the country , tagging on Vietnam, Thailand and Japan to my journey.

Spain next... I've always wanted to be fluent in another language and despite all this global travel, it's a country a little closer to home that's stolen my heart. Already knowing Barcelona was my one true love I thought I'd better live in some new Spanish cities and I chose Madrid, Granada and San Sebastian. 

All this moving I hear you cry! Well now I am London based, studying for an MA in Creative Writing and wide open to new opportunities.