Join Me

Ahh I'd love to transport you all to my current destination, I think! But failing that I'd like to inspire you to get out there and explore. I also have a few ideas on how you can get involved from afar.


My Journey

Perhaps you want to travel vicariously through me, learning from my mistakes and living my adventures with me. Or maybe you want ideas and inspiration for your travel. Easy peasy, read my blog as I'll be regularly sharing my adventures, trials and tribulations, thoughts and opinions here.


Skill Support

I like to think I can turn my hand to most things social media, content creation, influencer marketing, PR and digital marketing. In fact I know I can. But I'm not a designer and neither am I a web developer or a videographer. So now I've shared my weaknesses with you, I'm hoping you're going to say, do you know what I can do that! When I arrive at projects and assess what's needed I'll often reach out for extra pairs of hands.

If you want to get your name on the books, fill in the form on the 'Contact' page and let me know your magical skill, and I'll get in touch when we need you.