I am a traveller, writer, social media pro, strategist and a content creator. I travel the world, sharing my knowledge and skills gained over 11+ years in Digital Marketing, PR & Social Media.

I am a native English speaker (England) with 11+ years working for big brands. I've worked on award winning campaigns and developed strategy and content for a wide range of global and national brands. But something was missing... I just wanted to be free to explore the world!

I've visited so many incredible projects and businesses around the globe struggling to get by as they aren't able to communicate effectively with the audiences they want to attract. They have the passion, but not the skills to promote themselves.

Ta da! I love to travel and I have the knowledge, skills and experience to help, so why don't I take this one woman social media/PR/Marketing show on the road.

I'd always prefer to be at the destination I'm promoting so I can really get a feel for the people, place and services, but I can work remotely too.

If you hire me give yourself a pat on the back! You've bought me the freedom to invest in supporting community projects and not-for-profit ventures.

It's win/win/win! You get the services you're after, the charity/community project gets the support they need and I get to see a bit more of this beautiful world!


  • Social media content creation & planning
  • Social media strategy
  • Storytelling / blogging
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Copywriting: Web, marketing, newsletters
  • Public relations (press release writing and media relations)
  • Photography
  • Creative campaign strategy, planning and execution
  • Community Management Training
  • Speaker

Don't believe I'm up to it? Believe Tom... Tom's one of the most honest people you'll probably never meet!

Jo has a real gift for social media. Her instinctive understanding of tone and strategy makes her both personable enough that her audience are excited to engage with her, and professional enough that she makes the social media channels essential driving components in any business initiative.

She’s seemingly as comfortable helping distressed or disaffected bloggers as she is creating buzz for a new campaign. This effortless breadth of ability helped to make our social media team one of the strongest in the country.

It’s difficult to overestimate the esteem she was held in at Three and deservedly so.
— Tom Nash, Editorial Manager, Three UK

For more details on my career and recommendations head to my LinkedIn page.