I'm a London based (but prepared to travel obviously!) communications pro. My skillset is vast, having worked for global brands running Social Media, Influencer Marketing and PR teams. Creating content is my passion and I'm studying for an MA in Creative Writing and I'm pretty handy with a camera too.


I'm a big believer in ethical, local travel. I'd love to work with you if you're a hostel, lodge, yoga retreat, local tour company, community project, NGO, charity, animal sanctuary (not a zoo!), surf school, dive centre, restaurant, activity company... The list goes on, but basically if you believe you're good people doing good things then get in touch.

If you're a global hotel chain (who doesn't allow your guests out to explore), a zoo, a restaurant with alcoholic bears in cages, Seaworld, or have a sweatshop full of ten year olds then you've come to the wrong place.


Just give me a shout and we can chat about what you need and how best we can achieve your goals. Head to my contact page and fill in the form or message me on any of my social media channels below. We can arrange a Skype chat and discuss how to get this show on the road!