I've chosen a few articles to give you a taster... I'm a storyteller at heart, but I'm also a marketer. So I understand audiences, identify what resonates and weave in some SEO magic before packaging it all up to give you content that fulfils your ambitions.

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We travel because...

Travel is a privilege and The Huffington Post agrees as they chose to promote this article and it was shared over 6,000 times on Facebook alone. The Washington Post's newsletter The Lily picked it up and it went global. Have a read of 'We Travel Because we are Privileged'.



This article was written for Hostelworld, targeting their solo travellers. It's been translated into five languages and shared over 10,000 times on Facebook. It's never left Google's covered page one for 'solo travel' and appeared on travel forums across the globe. Check out 'Warning! Solo Travel Makes you Undateable'.

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Hostel showcase

As part of Hostelworld's 50 Cent campaign (Yep they got 'Fiddy' into a hostel), I wrote this article showcasing some of the most bling hostels in the world. Explore 'Newsflash, Hostels have Private Rooms...'.